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 .Pardon me…, excuse me…, I am sorry… The meanings of these three English expressions in Armenian are expressed with one Armenian word «ներողություն», but do you know in which situations they are used? (2 points)

a) “How is your Dad doing?” “My Dad died five years ago.”

I am sorry, my condolences.

b) You spilled some wine on the hostess’s dress.

I am sorry.

c) You didn’t hear the last two words.

Pardon me (Pardon?)

d) Two people are talking together, and you want to ask them a question.

Excuse me…

II. What will you advise your friend to do if he/she says….? (2 points)

a) Whatever I do I can’t remember the new English words.

Try watching movies with english lunguage, it helps a lot.

b) I don’t know why I should go in for boxing instead of taking piano lessons.

You should follow your heart.

c) My grandfather needs to be operated on but he hasn’t got medical insurance.

You need to study hard to get a good job, to pay off the loans that you have to make.

d) Whatever I do my car won’t start.

Take it to the mechanic.

e) Ouch! I have cut myself.

You should have been more carefull.

f) Hi, John. I am phoning you to find out how I can come back to the hotel. I forgot the hotel name and now I am lost in the big city.

I have a better idea. Rent a bicycle and explore this big city.

III. If you could translate this sentence into Armenian so that it made a sense, I would appreciate your knowledge both in English and Armenian. (2 points)

The greatest trial of patience is hearing a stammering barrister examining a stuttering witness in the presence of a judge hard of hearing.

Համբերության ամենամեծ փորձը դա կակազող իրավաբանի կողմից կակազող վկայի քննումն է, վատ լսողություն ունեցող դատավորի ներկայությամբ:

IV. The Great Dane or The Dog’s Inspiration (a fable like story. I am the author of this story) (4 points) You can use a dictionary.

This may be a contrived story but it may also be a plausible one if you believe me.

One morning a Great Dane ran out of a block of flats. He looked around and then quickly rushed towards a tree. At that moment a dog of unknown breeding, dirty and gruesome, came out of a cellar, looked around and ran to the rubbish tube. The Great Dane ushered him with a reluctant glance. On seeing the new comer in his territory, the street dog ran up to him, and I overheard the following silent conversation between them. The street dog said,” You are of a high breeding. You are a Great Dane. You are clean and handsome, and I am dirty and repellent and still, I am sorry for you because you are not as free as I am. There isn’t any inspiration in your life.”  “How do you know that? If …”

“You are like a dummy, not a living being. Every day you only eat Pedigree when it is given to you, not when you want it. The choice is diminutive. You can’t have your own point of view. When you inhale, you wait for your master to tell you to exhale. You are constantly being haunted by your master who is also your owner, whereas I am free.”

“But I have got my own corner in a chamber in our flat, and if …”

“You have got only a corner in a chamber, whereas, all the cellars of all the blocks of flats in our district are mine. You have got only one master, whereas, I am loved by all the drunkards and children in this district. All the rubbish tubes are mine. I can make bets that my life is preferable to yours. Every day I have to come to terms with different dogs and in this way I enlarge my world outlook. I even have got a she-dog friend in my district. We love each other passionately. You are deprived of the right of free love. Your loving abilities, your feelings and sacred desires depend on your master’s will. That’s nonsense. I am really sorry for you. You can neither rub yourself on a tree nor run to the bushes when you feel like it. You are a prisoner. Your share in this life is patience. You are a caricature of a dog”. With these words the street dog threw a disdainful glance at the Great Dane and ran back to the rubbish tube which was full of sinister expectations. The Great Dane looked up for a moment and said, “ If all the ifs were pots and pans, life would be so simple.” With these words he marched into the block of flats and went up the stairs to the flat where his chamber was. Its tail was thin but firm and straight.

Now please try to analyze this fable like story as much as you can. (10 points)

The story puts a stong argument that people who don’t have much are not binded by it, and that people can live happily and freely without the lavish things. I acknowlege the main point of the story, however I do not fully agree with it. The poor may have certain kind of freedom, and may have certain experiences that rich people may never have, but it is incorrect to say that one of those experiences is better than the other, because in my opinion it entirely depends on the person. Maybe that person prefers riding a bicycle and adoring the world around him or he likes driving a super fast car on the highway. To choose one of them you need to prioritize your life, and how would you like to spend it.

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