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Questions about sport

1. What sport(s) do you play?
I love and play football.

2. Have you ever won a cup or trophy?
Yes, I won a ches tournament and they give me a trophy.

3. Have you ever injured doing sport?
 Yes, I have ijnured many times playing football.

4. Do you prefer watching individual or team sports?
I am watching football many times and it is team sport.

5. Do you go to watch a local sports team?
Yes, I am going.

6. Are there good sports facilities in your town?
Yes, I'm studying football in our town.

7. Is there any sport you’d like to learn to play well?
Yes it's football.

8. How many hours do you spend a week watching sport on TV?
Two hours a day.

9. What sports do / did you have to do at school?
I play football at school.

10. Do / did you enjoy it?
Yes, I think football is not a sport, it's life.

11. Do you do any sport in your free time?
I work on football for 6 days a week.

12. Do your family and friends like sport?
My family members and friends love football very much.

13. Is there any sport you do not mind watching on TV?
Yes, it is football and wrestling.

14. What sport do you hate watching most on TV?
I hate tennis.

15. Have you ever been to a big sporting occasion?
Yes, I have been to a big sporting occasion.

16. Do you think physical education should be optional at school?
Yes, that is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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