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ClassWork 23.10.2017

Ex. 1
1.   If I clean the house, my parents will give me some extra money.
2.   I will phone Mike if he doesn’t  arrive before 10 o’clock.
3.   If you speak very fast, they will not understand you.
4.   If Marco phones tonight, will you tell him I’m at Sally’s house?
5.    Your parents will not know if you do not tell them.

Ex. 2

1.   You like the music, don’t you?
2.   Your sister goes to my school, doesn’t she?
3.   His father’s french, isn’t he?
4.   We’re late, aren’t we?
5.   They aren’t at home, are they?
6.   She hasn’t been to Canada, has she?

Ex. 3

1.   John’s just had his breakfast.
2.   A: Would you like some chocholate.
B: No, thanks. I have already had some.
3.   Haven’t you bought your sister a present yet?
4.   We have already finished our homework.
5.   Hasn’t Marta seen the film yet.

Ex. 4
British English
North American English

Ex. 5
1.   Drop
2.   Moist
3.   Global
4.   Recycle
5.   Rubbish
6.   Waste
7.   Pick
8.   Forest

9.   Clean

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