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Check your Progress


1. I think the Star Wars films are great - everyone should go and see them.
2. I'm bored - I've got nothing to do.
3. This morning someone phoned me, but I have no idea wo it was.
4. I was happy in the English lesson because I understood  everything the teacher said.
5. I put my magazine somwhere, and now i can't find it!
6. He found lots of shirts in the shop, but none of them were the colour he wanted.
7. I told a greatjoke this morning but no one laughed! I don't think they understood it.

Ex. 2

1. Tomorrow's a holiday, so we don't have to go to school.
2. I understand - you don't have to explain everything again.
3. You mustn't eat in class - it's a school rule.
4. Hurry up, Sally - we mustn't miss the bus.
5. My sister's revising for her exams, so she doesn't have to do any housework.
6. Mum and Dad told us we don't have to het home later than midnight.

Ex. 3

1. I've drunk four cups of coffee this morning.
2. I'm really happy - my aunt has sent me some money for my bithday.
3. My brother has talked on the phone all morning.
4. The dog's really dirty because he's been playing in the garden.
5. My parents have visited my gradparents three times this month.
6. I've been reading this book since ten a o'clock, but i still haven't been finishing it.


1. That can't be true! I don't believe you.
2. Sophie doesn't know the answer, so she'll have to guess.
3. You must concentrate or you'll never finish your homework.
4. They belive in ghosts and say that they have seen three in their house.
5. I didn't recognise her, she looked so different!
6. Can you imagine being a famous football player.

Ex. 5

1. Trombone
2. Clarinet
3. Guitar
4. Trumpet

Music types
1. Rock
2. Regga
3. Jazz

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