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Homework for 11.09.2017

Lesson 1
Read the text on page 6 and translate the unknown words.
Ex.1/b,2,page 6

1)      False
2)      True
3)      False
4)      True
5)      False
6)      True

B: Well, I wanted to watch it, but then Natalie called, and we went to see the match together. Was the film good?

A: Not really. The actors where so bad that I fell asleep after 20 minutes. And when I woke up, I only saw the last two minutes of the film.
B: I’m glad I didn’t stay at home then.

A: Right. And did you enjoy the match?
B: Wrong question! 20 minutes into the game it started to rain. My team lost 3-0, and then we missed the last bus home.

A: So how did you get home? Did you phone your dad?
B: No, I didn’t. We took a taxi, and we payed 10 each. So I have no money left until the end of the month!  

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